Steal My Opinion: Week 2 Preview

Week two of 2009 has brought more news and happenings worthy of your opinion, but not worthy of your time. Here’s a preview of what paying customers will receive this week.

As always, the full weekly edition of Steal My Opinion is only a buck a week, and is sent every Thursday afternoon, just in time for the cocktail party circuit.

Current Affairs

Leon Panetta to head CIA: Smart pick or questionable credentials?
CNN’s Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General: Where did that come from?
Russia’s Gas Problem: When are the taps going back on?

Business & Economics
The Stimulus Package: How big, who gets it, what difference will it make?
Satyam Scandal: What does it mean for the future of outsourcing?
Bernie Madoff (with a lot of other people’s money): What lessons for the future are there?

Bush Legacy Watch
White House Sends Aid to Darfur: Too little too late?
Bush’s Pacific Sanctuary: Could this be the coolest lame-duck act ever?

Agenda 2009
Health Care Reform: What can we achieve? What should we achieve?
Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Where do we go from here?

This post is a promotion for Steal My Opinion, a weekly e-mail newsletter that gently suggests what and how people should think. We promise not to mobilize our readership to take over the world, as long as you promise not to share the contents of our e-mails with non-paying subscribers. It’s your opinion, anyway, so why would you want to share it? To sign up for Steal My Opinion, email


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