Steal My Opinion: Week 5 Preview

The last day of the month, the first full week under a new President, and folks are sure to be abuzz about something this weekend. But what will they be talking about? More importantly, what do you think about it? Instead of reading books and articles and keeping up with the times, grab your weekly point of view from Steal My Opinion.

As always, the full weekly edition of Steal My Opinion is only a buck a week, and is sent every Thursday afternoon, just in time for the cocktail party circuit.

Current Affairs
President Obama’s laid-back White House: Good idea or disrespect to the office?
Blago is Out: Did he get a fair shake?
Division in Davos: What should we make of Erdogan v. Peres?
Hamid Karzai Staying Put (For Now): Does this complicate things for the United States?
Lilly Ledbetter: Who is she and what was the point of this bill?

Business & Economics
Bailout Passes the House: How’s the bill look?
China and the Crisis: What’s coming next?

Steelers vs. Cardinals: Who should we root for? What’s the point?

Arts & Life
R.I.P. John Updike: What is his legacy?
The Bacon Explosion: You’ve definitely heard of it, right?

This post is a promotion for Steal My Opinion, a weekly e-mail newsletter that gently suggests what and how people should think. We promise not to mobilize our readership to take over the world, as long as you promise not to share the contents of our e-mails with non-paying subscribers. It’s your opinion, anyway, so why would you want to share it? To sign up for Steal My Opinion, email


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