Steal My Opinion: Week 9 Preview

The State of the Union That Wasn’t following up The Week of Steal My Opinion That Wasn’t. Hope you didn’t miss us too much during the off week; Team SMO took a much needed retreat where we all did trust falls and stole eachother’s opinions. Speaking of which, here’s ten more handcrafted opinions to boost your image.

As always, the full weekly edition of Steal My Opinion is only a buck a week, and is sent every Thursday afternoon, just in time for the cocktail party circuit.

The Presidential Address
President Obama Delivers: Why did this speech matter?
Health Care Reform: Do we really want this to happen now?
Education Policy in the Speech: Did he say the right things?
The Single Best Line in the Speech: What statement sent us off our chair?
The Republican Response: Besides the hilarious, what did it tell us?

World Affairs
Pakistani Supreme Court Denies Sharif: Is there any hope for the country?
Drug War in Mexico: Is the United States moving in too late?

Business & Economics
Allen Stanford: The new Ponz, same as the old Ponz?
Night of the Living Dead Banks: What’s up with stress tests, and why do the banks matter?

Arts & Life
The New Season of 24: A disaster for popular perceptions of Africa? Is it accurate?

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