Steal My Opinion: Week 11 Preview

Amidst the hand-wringing, wailing, and rending of garments, a voice of wisdom emerges. Want it to be your voice, but don’t feel like acquiring the wisdom on your own? Check out what’s on offer from Steal My Opinion this week, and you can be wise without trying.

As always, the full weekly edition of Steal My Opinion is only a buck a week, and is sent every Thursday afternoon, just in time for the cocktail party circuit.

Current Affairs
Republicans Demand a Spending Freeze: Is this the right move?
Pork and Earmarks: Putting aside the colorful terms, why should I care?
The Chas Freeman Affair: First off, who is he? Second, was this the right outcome?

World Affairs
Tragedy in Harare: What will Morgan Tsvangirai’s accident mean for the future of Zimbabwe?
Pope Admits He Should Have Googled Wichard Williamson: What on earth is going on over there?
School Shooting in Germany: Is no one really talking about this? Are we not human?

Business & Economics
Madoff Sentenced: Is this over?
Mark-to-Market: What is the deal there? Who is right?

Arts & Life
Jon Stewart vs. CNBC: Who’s right in the smackdown?
Bill Kristol’s Replacement at the NYT: Who on earth is Ross Douthat?

This post is a promotion for Steal My Opinion, a weekly e-mail newsletter that gently suggests what and how people should think. We promise not to mobilize our readership to take over the world, as long as you promise not to share the contents of our e-mails with non-paying subscribers. It’s your opinion, anyway, so why would you want to share it? To sign up for Steal My Opinion, email


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