About SMO

Steal My Opinion is a weekly, subscription-only e-mail service on the most important, if pretty boring, news of the day.

In today’s fast-paced world, you have better things to do than craft well-thought-out opinions on every issue that crops up.  Just when you thought you had the whole mess in Sudan figured out, along came Zimbabwe and the Congo. The President-Elect is hiring about fifty people a week, and the only one whom anyone’s ever heard of is Hillary Clinton. How can you be expected to have an opinion on any of this, let alone defend your opinion in front of other people? That’s where Steal My Opinion comes in.

Every week, SMO will send you a list of well-thought-out, informed, often quirky opinions on that week’s biggest stories from around the world.  We send the e-mail every Thursday night, so you’ll be prepared to watch the news, attend a party, or cruise the local farmer’s market prepared to sound like you know something you actually don’t. Once we send you this weekly e-mail, the opinions are yours to keep. No attribution, no credit necessary. Take the opinions with our blessing.

Each opinion comes with a one-sentence ‘bottom line,’ a longer opinion with background on why you feel the way you do, and a few talking points just in case someone else in the conversation actually knows what they’re talking about.  We don’t expect this will happen very often, but provide them just in case. Armed with this e-mail, you’ll quickly become the go-to person on every issue your friends and family feel guilty about being totally uninformed on.  And the best part is, you won’t have to actually do anything to stay up to speed!

Subscriptions to the weekly edition of Steal My Opinion are a buck a week. Minimum payment is $5, but if you sign up for six months, it’s only $25 (that’s one free week!), and a yearly subscription is only $40! If you’re interested in becoming a charter member of SMO, with daily opinions customized to whatever worldview you want to pretend you have, let us know and we’ll see what we can work out.

If you have any questions about Steal My Opinion, or want to sign up, e-mail steal.my.opinion@gmail.com.


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